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Posted by terminafairy on 2006.08.16 at 01:05
Sorry for the delay, here's the backstory of the Golden Sun RP!

A long time ago, the gods created four humans to represent the elements of nature. The first adept was Kamure, the who controlled the earth. Fiero, who controlled fire. Witen, who controlled the wind. The last was Mikoa, who controlled water.
The four adepts with the power of nature soon developed into a race of special people. They called themselves Adepts, people who could control the forces of nature and create a peaceful balance. However, some of these people let the power go to their heads, and began using psynergy for destructive purposes.
The Venus adept Kamure was one of these people. He craved for more power, wanting to surpass even the gods that created him. He used his psynergy for destruction. The power of the earth was used to mercilessly destroy towns, swallowing up buildings and people into the ground below. The other three adepts tried to stop them but were killed, and their powers absorbed by Kamure. Those who were fearful of him worshipped Kamure as a god, and those who hated him rallied together to fight him. Thus began the first Adept war. Using the power of the four lighthouses, the Adepts sealed Kamure forever. Without a leader, his followers were killed. Now the only thing that can revive him and his followers is the lighting of the lighthouses. It’s rumored that the descendants of the four original Adepts are still alive today.

Kraden reveals himself as a full-blooded adept, who use around 5,000 years old. During the more peaceful times where Kamure, Fiero, Witen, and Mikoa had created a peaceful balance, all of them had followers who studied under them. Kraden became a dedicated Venus adept, and became friends with a fellow Venus adept named Sirus. Sirus was dedicated to the teachings of Kamure in almost a overzealous way.
Kamure soon declared war on the other three adepts, telling his followers that only Earth adepts were worthy to live. The adepts began to take sides and attacked one another. Kraden participated in the fighting, as one of Kamure’s followers. He refused to fight when he saw that the Venus adepts were killing innocent adepts, from children to the elderly. His friend Sirus continued the merciless slaughter. Kraden tried to stop Sirus, only to be attacked and branded as a traitor. Using every once of power, Kraden killed Sirus. Feeling guilt over what he’d done, Kraden stopped using his powers altogether. Until he realized they could be used to help people, and slowly make up for his crimes.

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