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About the lag of updates..

Posted by zyphur_yukasaki on 2008.11.19 at 21:35
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It will take some time, but I'll have to review all the old entries and work it into something mallably new.

I'm going to up on it all weekend, when I'm not doing my crafting projects.

Posted by zyphur_yukasaki on 2006.08.24 at 14:05
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Here's a good site for Golden Sun Avatars!

I'll search for more!



Posted by terminafairy on 2006.08.16 at 01:05
Sorry for the delay, here's the backstory of the Golden Sun RP!

The story of the four adeptsCollapse )

Kraden's backstoryCollapse )


About this RP

Posted by zyphur_yukasaki on 2006.08.13 at 00:21
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I know that before doing fan art or fanfiction of any kind warrants a disclaimer giving the original owners of that idea credit and to let any one viewing this site knows that there is one posted in my bio/personal info page. Golden Sun does belong to Nintendo and Camelot. I respect both companies and admire this piece of work they've made.

A new post to this site will be a while thanks to my friend is in another state(my home state), while I'm Army on a base that is quite far from her place. I know that she has most of the stuff to the story we RPed up and will hopefully post some later in the future. Until then all that can be done is to wait. I promise to hurry that ASAP.


Another insert

Posted by zyphur_yukasaki on 2006.07.30 at 21:38
Sadly until my friend starts posting, this will be the only post of the old chapters you will see in a while.

*Roamu’s place. Alex and Izdin are sitting around, while Mia and Hera are chatting in the kitchen. Felix is asleep.*
Alex: …Everyone is gone.
Izdin: I wonder what the deal with Roamu is. I haven’t seen him much today, and he seems to be impatient about gathering everyone.
Alex: Should we tell him Ruoi and Reon left?
Izdin: Nah…he’ll figure it out sooner or later. So, how have you been? I haven’t seen you since the adept training days. Remember Mia used to be so worried about you going out? We almost died there…
Alex: Yeah…
Izdin: (Laughs) Good times, huh? (An akward silence passes between them) Alex? What’s the matter with you? This is the perfect time for reminiscing.
Alex: I guess I just don’t feel like talking about my past right now…
Izdin: Ah, well, okay…*thinking* What’s with him?
Alex: Izdin…I have a bad feeling about all this. All this stuff about “Kamure’s descendant”
Izdin: Well, don’t worry too much. I’m sure Roamu will explain everything in due time.
(Felix starts mumbling in his sleep)
Felix: Nngh…no…I don’t want to kill….
Izdin & Alex: ?
Felix: …H-Help….don’t make me…
(Izdin and Alex lept five feet into air. Felix bolts up, sweating and panting.)
Mia: (Giggles) You two are still jumpy, just like before.
(Alex gets a sly grin)
Alex: And I bet my little sister is still ticklish?
(Alex chases a laughing Mia outside)
Hera: Aw, how cute. ^_^ I’m making some pie. Come into the kitchen if you’d like some.
(Hera disappears into the kitchen)
Izdin: You okay? You sounded like you were having nightmares.
Felix: Yeah, it was a bad dream. I don’t think I’ll be taking naps today…
*Thinking* What an awful dream…I hope I never have to experience that…

(Meanwhile, with Ivan and Zephure are chatting)
Zephure: Isaac is a very important person. I’d like to meet him.
Ivan: Look, I know he saved the world and all but-
Zephure: Oh, it’s not because of that.
Ivan: Huh? Then what is it about?
(Suddenly, a scantily-clad girl with blonde hair tied back in a ponytail emerges from the forest. Her clothing is torn and she looks deathly pale. She smiles sweetly at the two.)
Girl: Hello…I’m Yuji…A summoner. You wouldn’t happen to know a boy named Issac, would you?
(Yuji walks toward Ivan until she is inches away from him.)
Yuji: Now be a good boy and answer….
Zephure: *Whispering* Ivan be careful, she’s one of Kamure’s minions that’s been resurrected.
Yuji: Oh hush, little girl. Stay out of this conversation.
(Zephure fumes)
Zephure: Little girl?!?!
(Yuji ignores her and pulls out a knife. She grabs Ivan’s shirt collar and holds the knife to his neck.)
Yuji: Well? Do you or do you not know Issac!?!
Ivan: I….

My friend has all the olser posts and all this was done from e-mails we passed back and forth. Therefore some chapters will be missing as I work very hard to post what I can post.

Izdin: So do you remember me? ^_^
Mia: Who could forget you...
Alex: She does have a point...
Felix: Nox explain again on how you know him?
Mia: He used to live with us in Imel until he went on a quest and left.
Felix: Oh...interesting....
Izdin: I forgot...
*Pushing Reesan in front of him.*
Izdin: This is my little sister...(elbows her)Reesean.
Reesan: Hello, there.
Felix: You mean that "flaming torch" is your sister!?!?
Reesan: -_-X
Felix: (...) <.<;;;;
Mia: She does look like you...(I think)
Izdin: If you mean by we both have wings, then yes.
Alex: So what was this quest you went on?
Reesan: Izdin, I'll be going out now!
Izdin: Okay! (At least her friend isn't with her)
*Reesan exits the room*
Felix: So will you answer Alex's question?
Izdin: Well it all starts at the Sages of Mercury.
*At Roamu's*
Roamu: He's not here...
Garet: What do you mean he's not here?
Ivan: That's not good.
Issac: But that means...
Hera: He was out all night...
Gato: Like always.
Issac: Can you at least tell us where to find him?
Roamu: To be honest(suspense)I don't know. ^_^;

*Issac & Co collapses*

Hera: Sorry but know nothing myself.
*They look over at Gato...*
gato: I guess I might know something....
*So Issac & Co set off on yet another quest....*
(At the withered flower field)
Sirus: It still seems that i cannot change the way you see Kamure's belief. It seems as though I'll have to kill you as I should have years ago....(Raises his rapier)
Jenna & Sheba: Kraden!!!!
Kraden: (...)
Sirus: Die!
*As Sirus struck with his blade, in the blink of an eye he saw two women appear! One of them standing next to Jenna & Sheba, and the other countering his sword. Before her could react....*
Girl: Okay Reesan, let's go!!!! ^_^ (my chara)
Reesan: Just one momment!!!!(raising her hand) Heat Wave!!!!
*With that spell the whole field was set ablaze and the two girls left with the three. Reesan with blazing wings and her friends with gold feathers dominating the skies.*